WIX Review


Wix is the most popular website builder in the world. There are over 100 million users registered in the system at the moment. Right after you click on the link and open up the website you will see its quality. Minimalism, elegance, graphics and a lot of other things will impress you right of the bat. Developers have done a really nice job with it.

Wix is best suited for creating various kinds of business cards, that are complex from a design and functional point of view, such as a portfolio, a business site, a promotional page or a landing page. Wix is also perfect for making blogs.eCommerce content s also well-developed, especially with regard to applications.


Wix provides an impressive amount of opportunities. The editor is visual, everything is done via drag-n-drop, but it is far from the easiest in its class. You will have to get used to it because of the abundance of possibilities and the need to manually adjust the boundaries of the blocks. However, the administrative panel itself is great. It is very beautiful, intuitive, and full of useful features.

The editor interface consists of three panels- one of them is horizontal and two others are obviously vertical. The “Pages” button in the upper left corner is used to switch between the pages. “Site” button lets you save the project,  turn on the preview mode, go to the mobile version editor, publish stuff, link the domain, etc. For some of the actions, there are quick buttons on the same panel, such as “Save”, “Publish”, “Cancel” or “Repeat last action”. There you will also find the following buttons” “Change the scale”, “Mobile version editor” and “Preview mode”. The “Tools” item connects additional controls and navigation, such as rulers, and the panel on the right of the screen, as well as colored lines that appear when dragging blocks with the mouse to align with the overall composition. In the “Help” section you can study how the website builder works and get some useful tips.  

To edit the site, add and edit items, use the vertical panel on the left. By using it, you can change the background, blocks, boxes, buttons, text, headings, form lists and more widgets and applications. You can load up the fonts, photos, videos, audio and documents, as well as adjust blogs and online posting forms/. In addition, when selecting an item, another panel appears above it. It is used to customize the appearance – you can choose a color, shape, turn on animation, etc.

By clicking on the button in the left panel you will open up a list. For example, all the elements that can be added to the site hide behind the plus sign. If you click on the “List” item, you will see that the editor offers various design options. An additional category navigation appears on the right. It really  comes in handy, given the large selection. You can change the appearance after adding it to the site. Behind the “More” button hides the ability to embed html-code, flash or an entire site, login forms for admin and user registration, functionality for creating anchor menu and document icons.

You can apply the effect of parallax to the background, which will give it depth and some three-dimensional perception. The bottom line is that when scrolling through a page, the movement of distant objects slows down in relation to nearby objects. All of it looks really cool. In addition to the classical parallax effect, you can choose one of its three varieties: with magnification, expansion or manifestation. It looks bright and fresh, and is not widely used by other website builder. You can also customize the layers by moving one element below the other. You can turn on transparency, adjust dimensions, rotate, and more. All together it allows you to create interesting things with design.

Application store

It consists of 3 categories of tools: communication, social networks, online store. This is another gem of the platform. Many interesting things can be found here, for instance: online payment systems, consultants, galleries, forms, players, social network widgets and more. There are a lot of things to choose from.

Anchor menu

If you are going to create a long one-page website, this feature is very useful. You can place a floating menu on it while scrolling, the menu items of which will refer to the indicated areas of the page. All in all, a very convenient and beautiful navigation.

High degree of customization of elements

You can customize the design of individual buttons, block layouts, page numbering, description formats, and more. Pretty much everything that you could ask for. There is an opportunity to use both ready-made options, and create your own. It is only up to your taste.


Wix’s store is very well organized. You will hardly be able to build a megamarket on Wix, but you can easily create one that is above average. You can customize payment methods (online payment is available), delivery, discount coupons, taxes, and more. The showcase looks good, working with goods / orders is convenient. It is quite simple to use, but keep in mind that all the goods will have to be added manually one by one , because there is no import from CSV here.

The ability to add a variety of boxes

You have the ability to create banners, signs, containers of all shapes and colors. They can accommodate a variety of content. It is an interesting and useful feature.

Wix Pro Gallery

This is perhaps the most powerful tool for the layout of the gallery ever. It looks very professional, and is easy to use. You can customize the display format of photos, their quality, apply effects and copy protection. In addition, you can create collages interspersed with video and add a block of buttons by clicking the “Share” button. There are many templates for output of galleries, as well as a large number of supported formats. The widget is adaptive, that is, your galleries will look beautiful on any device. 

Wix Bookings

Those who need the possibility of online recording on the website (services of a stylist, doctor, trainings, etc.) or reservations made by visitors (hotels, rental apartments, etc.) can use the convenient Wix Bookings application. With its help you can customize calendars, schedules, add services, work with CRM on applications, and more. There is also a similar application that is called Wix Events, which allows you to announce events, accept applications for participation, register users, keep a list of guests and stuff like that.

Wix obviously allows you to connect analytics, fine-tune SEO, redirect, set favicon, etc. Among other things, you can separately edit the desktop and mobile version of the project, adjust the alignment of elements, the boundaries of the site and much more. It will take days to list everything. There is also a detailed FAQ section that contains all of the answers to your questions, so be sure to check it out of you are struggling with something.

The highlight of the engine is the built-in application store, which contains a huge number of widgets for all occasions. For example, with their help, you can add pop-up windows with any content or beautiful text animations. You can add your music for sale through Wix Music or online broadcasting of various TV channels. You can also set up newsletters, create discount cards, connect social networking widgets, publish surveys to collect customer information, trade subscriptions to digital goods, and do a lot of other things. 

There are also interactive calendars, with which customers can make an appointment, order services, etc. You can add flash-animations, banners, all kinds of graphics, presentations, and other stuff. All in all, it will be pretty hard to not find something that you might need.

Among other things, the Wix provides ample opportunities for working with blogs and social networks. Here you can connect the ability to comment through most of the popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), set up a tag system to quickly find information, add videos, photos and music from popular resources.

Quite a significant advantage is the competent implementation of the possibility of creating multilingual sites. It is implemented as a separate application that is called “Wix Multilingual”, which can be found in the settings of the control panel. You have to choose a country, and right after that the system will automatically create a copy of the site for that language. You will receive an interface in which you can translate standard template elements, applications and other things. 

Wix also contains a unique functionality of its kind. I am talking about Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) – a fundamentally easy to use site creation system based on information provided by the user. Instead of searching and choosing a template, setting up general site parameters and design edits, you just need to consistently answer a few questions of the system: what niche the business belongs to, what is the name, what functionality is needed (choice from the list), and the company’s geographical location.

Another very interesting feature is Wix Corvid. This is a comprehensive platform for accelerated development of web applications and interaction with databases. It seems that with its help, the developers decided to dissolve the framework, which by default any WYSIWYG system has – a set of widgets, their configuration tools and the site structure. We are talking about an interface that allows building a logic of behavior and a set of components of the future application from ready-made elements. Suppose you can create a database of images, decorated in the gallery, and then place them in 1 click anywhere instead of manual sampling. Or create new effects and assign them to individual elements of the site. All this will help to achieve unprecedented flexibility of the functional. The areas of application are different – from e-commerce to meeting scheduling, organizing user data, tracking their actions and related SEO optimization. Extensibility is impressive, you can create complex structures with links between them and connect them to your sites.

Designs And Work With Templates

Wix currently has over 500 templates, that are sorted by categories, such as:

  • Store;
  • Business;
  • Photography;
  • Video;
  • Music;
  • Design;
  • Restaurants;
  • Events;
  • Portfolio;
  • Blog;
  • Beauty and Health;
  • Fashion;
  • Landing pages.

Immediately after registration, you will be asked to choose a design for the site. You can filter the selection by novelty or popularity. By the way, once you have selected the template, it can’t be changed in the process. So choose more or less thoughtful. Fullscreen preview is also possible.

Each element on the page has its own settings that allow you to make it display individual. All o fthis is implemented through an easy-to-read interface, for which you won’t need any programming skills. For example, CMS is done through editing the code and is tied to the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while everything on Wix is performed with the help of sliders and selectors. There are even hotkeys for popular features. In general, if you have ever worked with graphic editors like Photoshop, then you will immediately appreciate the convenience and power of the Wix visual editor. The designer also offers a built-in logo editor that allows you to quickly create an attractive logo. For its use you need to pay in excess of the tariff, but the price is justified by the quality and convenience of work.

By the way, the impossibility of changing the template in the process is explained by the absolute positioning of the elements on the Wix sites. This gives freedom of action in terms of design, but cuts out the ability to export settings and content to a new template. 

The mobile version of the template can be configured separately by switching to it in the header of the editor. Menu, image format, pinning of individual elements (contacts, “up” button), background, hiding elements. All of that can be adjusted. You can also use automatic optimization in one click. 

If you feel that you don’t have enough skills to create a unique look, but you have no time to learn, then you can contact the designers via the Wix Arena platform. This community is organized on the basis of the Wix Expert service, whose task is to select developers for work on projects in the Wix environment. You can choose designers on the basis of their portfolio and apply to them with a job offer or fill out a questionnaire, on the basis of which the system will automatically select the appropriate developers.


This website builder allows you to create websites that are initially quite friendly perceived by search engines. However, in order to achieve high positions, you will have to do a little work yourself. You will need to set meta tags, check the adaptability of the template, and add unique phrases.

A novice webmaster can easily get confused by the abundance of requirements that search engines impose, but Wix seems to have solved this problem. In the designer’s control panel there is a tool for setting the SEO parameters of the site, which is represented as a step-by-step wizard. To get recommendations on optimizing your site, you need to go through 3 steps:

  1. Enter the name of the brand for which the site is created. If you are making a business card, you can simply add the last name or field of activity;
  2. Choose a type of business with either a physical address (it will be asked to specify) or only online address;
  3. Add up to 5 phrases or keywords defining the direction of activity. For example, for an online toy store you can write “toys”, “baby food”, “baby products”;

After a brief check of the site, the wizard will issue a checklist, which will indicate what needs to be done to optimize the project. In total there are 3 steps in the list: add a site to Google, optimize its pages and continue to improve SEO. However, each step contains several points. Here is a sample list of what you have to do to optimize your site:

  • Update page titles and descriptions;
  • Add unique texts;
  • Attach a second level domain;
  • Connect the site to the Google Search Console;
  • Update contact information and links to pages in social networks.;

You can go to the appropriate settings directly from the checklist, which is very convenient. SEO page settings are also available from the visual editor interface. In the “Menu and page” tab each section has a SEO item, which will lead you to the tab with parameters when you click on it. There you will be able to add a title, description, CNC, upload a photo that will be displayed on the preview when publishing links in social networks, as well as add additional meta tags.

For further advancement, you can use tips from the knowledge base or hire a specialist. You can also try optimizing the site yourself by doing the following:

  • Create unique and useful content;
  • Use applications to integrate the site with social networks;
  • Enable SSL protocol to encrypt traffic.

In the Wix application store you will find a lot of applications for analytics, mailing lists, online consultant placement and callback order buttons. All these tools help to increase the involvement of visitors and ultimately increase the conversion and position of the site in search results.


Wix offers 4 paid tariffs, but it’s worth considering only 3 of them. This is because Connect Domain is not much different from the free tariff. 

With paid tariffs you will be able to:

  • Get free hosting;
  • Connect a domain;
  • Get from 500 MB to 20 GB of disk space for data storage;
  • Connect to Google Analytics;
  • Get premium support.

If you want to get rid of the ads, then you should purchase one of the following tariffs:: Combo, Unlimited, or eCommerce. 

If you need to create a business card site or blog, then the possibilities provided by the Combo tariff plan will be more than enough for you. If you are looking to create a corporate website or a high-traffic information portal, then you should concentrate your attention on Unlimited tariff. Finally, if you want to create an online store, then there is only one option – eCommerce plan. As for the Connect Domain tariff, it has only one function – the connection of the second-level domain to the site. It is unreasonable to pay for it.

You can create a website for free with Wix, and even post it on the internet. However, you will have to face a number of restrictions, such as:

  • Domain of the third level with an indication of the constructor on which the site is made.
  • Advertising on the pages.
  • Poor performance and barely any disk space.

Even without paying a cent, the Wix site will be available for management, but you obviously won’t be able to count on a serious project.


Wix is a smart website builder that skillfully masks the limitations caused by using the widget system and the visual editor. Wix does an excellent job with the task of creating business card sites and blogs. You can also create a pretty decent store. The functionality is very wide, and management is simple and straightforward. All of this explains the popularity of this website builder.